The beginning of an ongoing journey

My Crossfit journey started in April/2014 when my box (Crossfit OpenBox) opened just on the other side of the street of my job site, a really akward looking gym with no machines! I had joined just a month before a covencional gym because my weight and physical appearance where really starting to be a problem, I was 90/198 (kg/lb) at 1,78/5’10 (m/ft), and a body fat percentage at 33% (according to a physical exam made in that convencional gym with a handheld BIA device that as we know suffers from the same reliability issues as the at-home body fat scales and can fluctuate wildly depending on your hydration level and can’t tell the difference between visceral and subcutaneous fat, but anyway it was preety high!).
I already knew the owners and Headcoach since they aproached the surrounding businesses to promote the box, but I skipped the opening and only got in an experimental class half month after, and had to do one more before signing up, and also made the Headcoach promess that I would have ripped abs before the summer, ahah! And soon enoough I did, but my objectives had already change, I wanted my first muscle-up more then a ripped six-pack.
Since the day I walked in to that gym I grow stronger every day, I am fitter than I ever where!
I had done very litle sports growing up because of a health problem, bronchial asthma, thanks to poor advice of doctors at the time that disaproved sports practise because of this condition while it is fairly undoubted today that kids should be encouraged to do so to improve cardiovascular and overall fitness and learn how to control and reduce the severity of asthma attacks if not being able to prevent them entirely (allways strictly following the doctors guidelines and keeping the inhaler with you while working out), so my primal motivation is to see how far I can get, to achieve the true potencial my body can attain.
Unfortunelly I also had a stepback in my journey has I was kept away from the box, and most of the time layed down for two months where I lost 7/15 (kg/lb), recovering from three followed surgerys (non related to Crossfit) from mid November to mid January 2015, but It’s still amazing too look back and hardly recognizing my own body.
I can’t thank enought Coach Glassman for his methodology, CrossFit, as I can’t thank Hugo Horta, Headcoach of Crossfit OpenBox and my coach, for introducing me to it and keep teaching and motivating me forward.


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