It all tastes bittersweet lately: either that Personal Record that still doesn’t make the cut, either that small advantaje over a not so significant competitor or either a fast accomplishment of another athlete that’s so difficult to acknowledge.

So I found myself stuck in a crossroad, like so many of you are, were or will be (I guarantee it) and when you are there you have two options:

1 – You say “Fuck it”, and do nothing, go down the easy path… that’s one way. 

2-Or you find your motivation from within and force yourself to go even harder! You look back and see how far you came, and look forward to how far you want to go, forget others and do it for you, to find out wath YOU CAN DO. You have to analyze your past development and appreciate the every little piece of accomplishments you have made. Crossfit, weightlifting or any sport. 

I think option 2 is the way to go! Won’t you trust a random stranger on the Internet? I know I would! 😏


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